Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence


As one of the national leaders in the move to high quality, value-based care, HDP offers the ECEN™ Centers of Excellence program in partnership with Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH.) HDP contracts with several of the country’s most highly rated medical centers, and we currently offer destination travel benefit solutions for cardiac, joint, spine, bariatric and oncology care. These unique programs provide employees access to some of the best medical centers and surgeons in the country for little to no out of pocket cost, all while providing a significant financial return to our clients via 3 primary categories:

  1. savings through fully “bundled” pricing with our medical center partners;
  2. the avoidance of unnecessary surgeries;
  3. significantly better clinical outcomes


Member Satisfaction Rate

What Our Members Think of ECEN™ “The whole process was excellent and everyone was fantastic from start to finish” “ The whole experience was absolutely amazing and smoothly run”

Our proprietary patient navigation software – built with the knowledge gained by several years of experience and traveling thousands of members – facilitates a seamless, efficient process, and our Member Advocates guide members through every step of the process!

ECEN™ has grown exponentially in recent years by delivering on one of HDP’s guiding principles – getting individuals to the right care at the right time for the right cost!

HDP provides:

  • CoE and Employer Contracting
  • Customer Service
  • Care Management
  • Travel Coordination
  • Billing and Claims Adjudication
  • Data Analytics

2017 HDP All Client Savings Distribution

Joint Program: Quality Driving Down Cost

Surgery Avoidance 15% Unknown
Readmissions < 30 days 1.5% 5.0%
Length of Stay 1.7 days 2.5 days
Transferred to SNF 0% 4.8%


Average Saving Per Joint Replacement Case

Spine Program: Quality Driving Down Cost

Avoidance 54% Unknown
Transferred to SNF 0% 5.6%
Readmission < 30 Days 0.8% 8%
Length of Stay Days 2.5 2.9



Average Saving Per Spine Visit & Surgery Case

Only < 2% of members who were advised against surgery had surgery in the next 6 months

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