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The Lowe's Centers of Excellence Program


Healthy well-built homes are essential in today's economy.

Lowe's has a longstanding commitment to our Culture of Caring which extends beyond our communities and straight to our own employees. That's why Lowe's is pleased to

offer a benefit program for knee and hip joint replacement
. The Lowe's Centers of Excellence Program is available to employees and covered adult dependents currently enrolled in an eligible Lowe’s medical plan.

Built on a strong foundation.

The Lowe's Centers of Excellence Program will cover services at a Center of Excellence hospital that has a track record of quality results. This special travel program is being administered by Health Design Plus, the Center of Health Plan Innovation. Because Lowe's is committed to the health of its employees, this program is being offered to

you at little to no cost.*

Learn more and call now!

To learn more, please review the Lowe’s Centers of Excellence FAQ which will answer your questions; some of which may include:

  • What services/benefits are covered under the Lowe's Centers of Excellence Program?
  • How do I qualify?
  • What expenses are included in the travel benefit?
  • Can my family travel with me?
  • Is my doctor involved with the program?
  • Will my insurance need to cover services?

To get additional information and to see if you qualify for The Lowe's Centers of Excellence Program, call the Lowe's Life Track Line at 1-877-543-3875.; listen carefully and choose Option 4 to speak with a Health Design Plus Representative. Have your Lowe's Sales Number ready.

Lowe's supports a culture of caring

Lowe's is committed to keeping your healthcare on track. They want to support you in making the best decisions by providing valuable healthcare solutions. Be committed to be the best you can be by taking advantage of this program!

* Excludes convenience items while in the hospital and any travel costs exceeding the travel stipend amount.